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City Life Dundee caught up with some of the well-kent cameos that make appearances in Schemers for a wee insight into the movie and their thoughts on Dundee.

KYLE FALCONER, lead vocalist from Dundee band The View

• Plays a street busker

I wasn’t sure what it would be like but after reading the script and seeing some of the filming on the monitor it’s looking like absolute dynamite.

Just be reminded Dundee is up there with other great cities, it’s a great place, you’ve got to go away to come back, once you go away you realise how good it is.

I’ve lived every place in the world and it’s always great to come back to Dundee.


MO (STEVE MORRISON), drummer from Dundee band The View

• Plays the Iron Maiden drummer

On the Energy and spirit behind The View

Pretty much comin fae nuthin and none o’ the band came fae any money or that, we a’ had tae earn a living fae a young age and were told to get a joab even though it does’na mak you happy but we thought ‘ken what, how can we no work and be happy at the same time?’ So we just stuck in with what made us happy. So playing music and making other people happy is exactly whaur we get oor energy from, we give oot energy, they give it back!

Thoughts on the movie

Eh just love to see anything artistic comin’ out of Dundee. It’s definitely gonna benefit Dundee in the long run, there’s not enough stuff like this getting made nowadays.

Advice to young people

We need more people to express their art and get it out there, so don’t be scared to be scrutinised for your art. A lot of people are really talented but they don’t want to express themselves in case someone laughs, so get it out there.


DAVE BOWMAN, Dundee United FC legend

• Plays a football scout

It’s like the Trainspotting movie, people were probably like “this will never take off”, and look how successful that was.

When it goes nationwide it can only be good for the city and the people. Dundonians like to support their own people so hopefully they’ll have a bit o’ pride in it.

I was delighted to be asked to be part of it all, and to get a swear word, that makes it even better!

Support it, you’ll be proud of it, be proud and stand up and speak out for Dundee cause it did get a lot of stick in the past but the only people who gave it stick have probably never even been here.

Dundee’s a great place, it’s getting better and better. Once you’re here you realise what a great place it is and what great people they are.

Advice to young people

Always have a dream no matter what. You’ve got to have that drive and desire, don’t let people knock you down.

If you think you’re good enough and you want to do it then have that full belief in yourself. There’s too many people ready to knock you down and if you listen to them you’ll not succeed. Stand up and become what you’re gonna become.


KEVIN McABE, a street poet from Dundee

• Plays a junkie

Thoughts on the movie

It feels great to be asked, ay, just to be a pert o sum’thin, cos as a street poet you dinna get asked tae dae anything’, for me it’s a wee breakthrough.

On his role

As far as eh ken, eh’m playing a jakeball, wha eh think doubles up as a wino an’a, ha ha ha!

Message to the Dundee audience

Come and enjoy yersel, the message is to enjoy yersel!

Advice to young people

This movie shows that anybody can dae it, ay, if you want tae dae sum’thin in life an’ yih really want tae dae it just go an’ dae it, cos nuthin can stop yih, find oot how tae dae it an’ go an’ apply yerself.

On his Passion for Dundee street poetry

Ah the stories are here, cos the people are here, the stories are aboot the people.

Dundee is meh home an it’s whaur eh’m fae an’ eh love it wi a’ meh hert.


BILLY MITCHELL, a Dundee musician

• Plays Billy Mackenzie from The Associates

I’ve never done anything like this in my life, it’s really cool, out of my comfort zone like.

A lot of people in it are Dundonians so it’s very Dundee based, so it’s good for Dundee and everyone can tell their pals aboot being in the movie.

It’s Dundonian musicians playing Dundonian musicians, ken it’s fantastic!


MICHAEL McFARLANE from Dundee band The Mirror Trap

• Plays Alan Rankine from The Associates

Me and Billy are like the acoustic Associates, it’s been cool playing The Associates and good to see Billy done up with make-up, ha ha ha!

It’s basically all Dundee musicians playing the musical scenes.


SAINT ANDREW, the king o’ the Dundee dialect

• Plays a football spectator

What tempted the elusive ‘king o’ the Dundee dialect’, Saint Andrew, to come out of his secret hiding place after all these years to do a cameo role in Schemers?

I hudnae been oot the hoose for a guid wee whiley and because I had to go to the shops it just seemed t’ a’ fa into place. The promise of a mock chop supper fae Dora’s in Doorie Street eventually swung it.

Where exactly is your secret hiding place away from the public eye?

I’m currently hingin oot in a Romany style caravan somewhere between the Swannie Ponds and Dobbies. I had to move recently fae Clarkies car park aff Peddie Street due to media publicity. I tend to move aroond a lot mainly going to places where there might be work or the chance to guddle some troot.

Nobody could understand what you said in your cameo role, not even the producer or the editor, can you translate for us?

No really. It was a spontaneous reaction. My ‘motivation’ was a cross between ane o’ the lesser kent Mongolian mountain dialects and a Heh Street Tully seller or somebody sellin wulks fae a barry. It seemed a good idea at the time.

On a serious note, please!… What do you think of the Schemers movie and what was it like filming in Drumgeith Park in Whitfield?

It looks like it’s shaping up to be a cross between Reservoir Dogs, La-La Land and All Creatures Great and Small – so it’s all good.

Drumgeith Parks is lovely with ‘a the Rococo Fountains an that. The changing rooms were airy and very ‘Frank Lloyd Wright’ in vibe. Everybody was lovely – until it came to piecey time that is.

Do you have any advice for fellow Dundonian performers?

Like Chuck Berry, ALWAYS insist on being paid (in cash) before you go on (true).

Only use a studio if it has over a hunner knobs and switches.

Never accept a hurl hame (efter a gig perhaps) fae a punter – you’ll jist end up at perties in ‘Mid’.

If you’re musical, try to remain a solo act or a duo at a push (mair money and you can travel to gigs on the bus).

Try to stay healthy – both in body and mind, avoid eating hough immediately before
going on stage.

Only trust a promoter if their tattoos are spelt correctly.

Hope that helps – good luck!



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