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City Life Dundee caught up with some of the colourful cast for a wee insight into the movie and their thoughts on Dundee.

CONOR BERRY from Edinburgh

• Plays Davie

One of the best things about this film is that Dundee’s never really been shown before, you read stuff that used to be bad or negative, but that’s completely false, in this film it’s beautifully sunny and the scenes and the cityscapes are beautiful.

Everyone’s stepped up and made the film what it is, it’s been a collaborative process between so many people, it’s been nice to have so many people just come in and help because they wanted to. This movie will be a winner because of all those people in the shadows who stepped up and helped us massively.

My gut tells me the film will genuinely go somewhere and I would feel ridiculously lucky to have further success on the back of this. It’s been a mad process over the last six weeks but if it was going to fail, it would have failed by now. The filming has constantly failed upwards and the solutions have always been ten times better. It feels like something is driving the film forward, it’s a great story set in an unknown place to the rest of the world, with good honest people.

This is a film you should be proud of, first major film for the city and I think it’s going to represent really well. I genuinely feel people will be proud of it 100%.

Advice to young people

About five months ago I was working in Tesco and Pizza Hut and here I am now making a movie, so anyone can do it!


TARA LEE from Dublin

• Plays Shona

I’m really excited about the movie and I’m sad to be leaving Dundee, I just love Scotland so much.

This movie was made for Dundonians and Scots first and foremost and what’s great is that internationally it has even more charm. When I was reading the script I was wondering what does that word mean and that word mean… but to hear it spoken is such a melody, Dundonian is such a beautiful accent and language and I think that will be attractive internationally. If you want a throw-back to 1979/1980 and want to see Dundee for what it is, with all its colours, all its edginess, its beautiful people and a really f-ing inspiring story, then go see this movie!

Advice to young people

You can do it, work hard, don’t stop working hard and keep on working hard and that’ll give you a head start in life.


GRANT R KEELAN from Dundee

• Plays John

[Being the main Dundonian actor] there was always the feeling I needed to hold it together for Dundee and the city. There wasn’t time to go ‘oh god, I have to represent Dundee’. I’m walking away knowing I put my all in it and did what I could, it’s all in the editing suite now.

It’s been a group of people collaborating, talking to each other and trying to make this a piece of art. We are definitely making something great. It’s opened my eyes to a part of Dundee that I hadn’t really known before, I’ve always known Dundee had a connection to music but have never realised the extent of that connection.

Advice to young people

Choose what makes you happy. If you ever find you are not happy at something, don’t do it, life is too short. As much as I hate it, at times I’d rather spend most of my life auditioning and being rejected knowing I am trying to do something I love. Happiness is the key in everything, find something you feel passionate about and go for it.

As Dave McLean the producer told me: “Don’t stop no matter what, find something to be constantly working on, cause that’s the way to become a professional!”


SEAN CONNOR from Paisley

• Plays Scott

It’s a weird feeling and quite scary coming to the end of filming, but it’s exciting to see the footage and how good it looks. It’s been a bit chaotic but it’s good. I’ve learned a lot from it, I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished, I genuinely believe it’s gonna make waves.

The camera crew are amazing, a lot of credit should be given to the crew, and Alan McLaughlin, who’s a genius, has really captured the feeling and vision of the film.

Playing Scott’s character

It’s been terrifying and a lot a pressure involved, just because he’s such a well known infamous Dundee character. A lot of the pressure comes from the fact I know his mum and dad will be watching and it’s about doing him justice I think.

Message to the Dundee audience

The story’s for the people of Dundee, I think it’s gonna get a good reaction here cos it shows Dundee in a terrific light and it’s a great city and I’ve enjoyed living here.

Advice to young people

Just do it, you honestly never know what’s waiting for you round the corner or who you are going to meet when you decide to throw yourself into something you love.


KIT CLARK – former Danny Wilson band member

• Plays Davie’s father Wullie

On his character, Wullie

Because it’s a real person you’ve got a big responsibility as an actor, as people won’t meet the real Wullie. There is a real dignity in Wullie’s character. He retains his own moral code and dignity, despite his family challenges in their council flat in Whitfield, and is determined to keep helping his son.

Thoughts on the movie

It’s so funny because I knew Dave from many years ago when he used to promote my first band, The Very Important Men. So it’s amazing, all these years later, I’m now playing Dave’s dad.

Eh want to go and look at Conor on the big screen and go “well done mate”, and I hope people come away feeling inspired by Davie’s story as it shows that if somebody’s got a feeling in their gut then they ken it’s something they’ve gotta dae.

This story is now full circle as it’s a movie aboot that boy with his hare-brained ideas and is now being produced and financed by whaur his ideas have got to, so there’s the message in itself!

Advice to young people

You’ve got to do something that you truly believe in and yir no’ gonna be happy unless you are getting satisfaction from something you truly believe in. Success is something you find within yourself not something that’ll be given to you from the outside. Accolades dinna give you any measure of success but maintaining healthy relationships with people you love does.


STEVE MERTON from Dundee

• Plays a fish and chip shop worker

It’s really exciting being part of it, getting involved and working with other Dundee actors is fantastic.

Ken what, just look at it for what it is, it’s telling a story about Dundee, a story that happened years and years ago. Dundee’s got it’s ane great culture. This could be the start o’ something really big and eh think it is. There’s a lot of talent in Dundee, you can see it yoursel’ the day.



• Plays Ann

I think us getting our very own film about what life is really like here is really exciting. I think it will turn into a cult film.

It’s a really funny film, It’s one of those stories that you think, “surely that didn’t happen”, and yeah it did. I think it’s gonna be a real feel-good film. It’s gonna appeal to a lot of people, particularly in the local area, I think they’ll all go, “I remember that!” or “I did that!”.



• Plays Betty

I’m really excited to be part of it. It’s just a great opportunity that’s just sort of come my way and I’m grabbing it with both hands.

I’ve lived in a lot of places but I chose to come back to Dundee because I love the place. Be proud of your city and you should be proud of this movie because it’s got lots of Dundonians in it and reflects a really great time in Dundee.



• Plays a football manager

From what I’ve seen so far it’s looking like it could be massive and that’s exciting because I’m a proud Dundonian and it’s always good to be involved in something in your own town.

I hope it makes people proud and I think it will.You’ve got to go and see it and if you’re a fan of all things Dundee and you’ve got any connection to Dundee come along and watch it as you’ll recognise so much and I think you’ll love it!



• Plays Fiona

It’s so exciting, it’s an absolute triumph what’s been achieved so far, it’s awesome to be a part of. The script is amazing, the people are amazing and I think it’s gonna really show Dundee in a great light.

On working with Tara Lee

She’s really lovely, we instantly got along so it made it much easier to play friends.

Message to Dundee audience

Be excited, keep talking about it, keep building the anticipation, it’s definitely going to be an absolute treat.


AMY REID from Dundee

• Plays punk girl Jackie


You’d better come and see this film!



• Plays a bonnie lassie

It’s fascinating to see how many people are on set and how many jobs there are. Everyone has been so nice and it’s so exciting.

I think that the movie will be great and, from the scenes I’ve been involved in, the movie is going to be so much fun. Everyone from Dundee will love it as there is so much history in it.


DAVID IZATT from Dunfermline

• Plays Malky

Malky is like the terminator of the film, relentlessly after the main character Davie for having an affair with his girlfriend, he pops up throughout the film, it’s been a fab character to play.

It’s a big showcase for Dundee, it’s looking good on screen and that’s all you can ask for, it’s Dundee’s answer to Trainspotting without all the masses of hardcore drugs, ha ha ha!


KEITH WARWICK from Glasgow

• Plays Dundonian music promoter Andy Lothian

It’s a really good story and the script is magic, I think it’s got a bit of grit aboot it and a bit of bite, and I think that’s really important. It’s got what Dundee is, a bit of honesty about it, it’s got passion about it and thank goodness for that, it’s a great reflection of Dundee.

I find myself playing Andy Lothian, the first man to bring the Beatles to Scotland and who coined the phrase ‘Beatlemania’.



• Plays Sharon

I think it’s gonna go really well, it’s got so much youthful energy and excitement, the story is universal and will appeal to anyone and everyone.

It’s so beautiful here [in Dundee], you’re very lucky to live here. Dundee’s beautiful, I’m in love, I wanna live here!


JIM SWEENEY from Greenock

• Plays a vicar

The script is hilarious, very very good, absolutely loaded with humour.

The three boys are good; Conor, Grant and Sean; they’ve got that wee glint in their eyes, they can do the job and you couldn’t see the joins.

If the stories are told from the street there is no better tale.


THE SHEND from 1970s punk band The Kravats

• Plays Burton

My first instinct was, during the scene I am in where he measures the distance on a map with a battered sausage, and I thought ‘that’s just genius’ and it made me laugh and I thought ‘yeah, I wanna be in this’, so I’m very proud to be in this movie.

I’ve walked into the filming and it feels like a family and that is quite rare, people believe in it, I’ve done so many things and here the energy is amazing! Dundee, enjoy this because this is made for you!


MINGUS JOHNSTON from Inverness

• Plays enforcer Kenny

First taste of the beautiful city of Dundee and very happy to have been involved in this fab film.

Sterling performance by all and looking forward to seeing the final result.


MELISSA DE MOL from London

• Plays Annabelle

Schemers is the only reason I’ve been to Dundee, it’s a beautiful city and I think it’s gonna be a great movie.

I’ve worked all over the world on different films of different sizes and Schemers is up there with the best of them.


KERRY BROWNE from Paisley

• Plays music producer Charlie

It’s gonna be amazing, when I told people I was involved in this their reaction was “everyone’s talking about that!”.

It’s a great film to promote Scotland and Dundee, it’s a great story, it’s got such a nostalgic feel to it and people will love it. Dundee’s gonna look absolutely splendid on camera.


JENNI DUFFY from Glasgow

• Plays punk girl Sheena

It’s gonna go well, I think it’s gonna be bigger than what I thought, and I hope you’ll enjoy it because it’ll be one to remember for sure.

I hope I do the Dundee accent proud.



from Scotland but lives in London

• Plays Ali

Dundee’s got so much music and creative energy, and it seems like people are really keen to support it and there is such a scene and a vibe here.



• Plays a punk extra

I’ve always followed Dundee bands since I was very young, music is my life, so when this film came about I thought this is a one off opportunity.

Eh think it’s gonna be flipping brilliant, in meh opinion we’re showing aff Dundee the way it was.



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