Schemers DVDs and Posters Going Global with Dundee’s Penguin Post

We’ve had such an overwhelming response to our Schemers DVD and poster giveaway on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages from City Life readers, not just from all over Scotland but from all around the world. The whole of the City Life team would like to thank everyone who participated and contributed positive comments to the competition over the last four weeks. The Dundee Penguins are now getting ready to deliver the prizes worldwide to the twenty winners listed below!

DVD Winners:

  Helen Bryan from New Zealand

  Adam Branicki from Dundee, Scotland

  Jodie Kemlo from Dundee, Scotland

  Karolina Świerkosz from Jakubowice, Poland

   @rivercity_simp_x from Glasgow, Scotland

  Joe Lamb from Dundee, Scotland

  Nicola Limond from Perth, Australia

   Lorna Officer from Ferryden, Scotland

  Jack Otter from Chorley, England

  Lauren Miller from Dundee, Scotland


Poster Winners:

  Unn Mysliwski Bergerud from Askim, Norway

   Forbes Walker from Carnoustie, Scotland

   Graham Byrne from Dundee, Scotland

   Maureen Drennan from Glasgow, Scotland

   @maiden_scotland from Dundee, Scotland

   Stu Clark from Dundee, Scotland

   Audrey Mitchell from Dundee, Scotland

   Ian Flight from Dundee, Scotland

   @thomasatlarge from Dundee, Scotland

  @angelic_fruitcake_72 from Enfield, England


We will be in touch with all the lucky winners soon via social media to get their details.


If you unfortunately missed out on winning a Schemers DVD in our competition, you can now get a copy of the award-winning Dundee movie from Amazon, HMV and other retailers:

Or to download the movie visit the iTunes store, Amazon Store, Sky Store, Google Play, Virgin Media, Rakuten TV, Curzon and PlayStation Store.


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