Meet the Supporting Stars of the Schemers Movie – Plus Win 5 DVDs and Posters

The award-winning Dundee movie, Schemers, made another piece o’ Dundee history last week when the release of the movie on DVD and various on-demand platforms went live, and what a major success it has been so far. City Life were amazed with the worldwide response to our DVD and Poster Competition via our on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. The response was so good that we have decided to award five DVDs and five posters in this first round, and are delighted to announce we are going to offer the remaining five DVDs and five posters in our second giveaway. There are more details on how to enter at the end of this article, along with a list of the lucky local, national and international winners and runners-up from our first giveaway.



Meet the Supporting Stars of Schemers

Throughout the filming of Schemers, City Life were incredibly lucky to be on-set to spend time with the amazing cast and crew, and to ask them to share their thoughts on this landmark movie. So, come and meet some of the creative characters who were instrumental in making Schemers an award-winning piece o’ Dundee cinematic history…

Schemers Movie



From Dundee – Plays Ann

Paula Masterton

“I think us getting our very own film about what life is really like here is really exciting. I think it will turn into a cult film. It’s a really funny film. It’s one of those stories that you think, “surely that didn’t happen”, and yeah it did. I think it’s gonna be a real feel-good film. It’s gonna appeal to a lot of people, particularly in the local area, I think they’ll all go, “I remember that!” or “I did that!”

Paula Masterton



From Broughty Ferry – Plays Pike

Blair Robertson

“I’m very pleased how the film has turned out and the three leads, the boys, were just absolutely stunning. It struck me how the film comes across with so many bit-parts from so many different people and that’s what Dundee is, it’s made up of different places and schemes and people, and that’s what struck me, that everyone in the movie were from different places, an amalgamation of different personalities, just like Dundee.”



Plays Fergie, the gangster

Alistair Thomson-Mills

“The best thing about the movie, for me, is the family feel and it made me think of Gregory’s Girl more than Trainspotting. It’s so Scottish, it’s like the Broons or Oor Wullie. I’m no’ just sayin’ this but, I think, Dundee is the star of the movie, an’ the twa bridges!”

Alistair Thomson-Mills and Blair Robertson



From Dunfermline – Plays Malky

David Izatt

“Malky is like the Terminator of the film, relentlessly after the main character, Davie, for having an affair with his girlfriend. He pops up throughout the film. It’s been a fab character to play. It’s a big showcase for Dundee, it’s looking good on screen and that’s all you can ask for. It’s Dundee’s answer to Trainspotting without all the masses of hardcore drugs, ha ha ha”


The Schemers Boys



From Glasgow – Director of Photography

Alan McLaughlin

“It’s got a real nice seventies and eighties punk vibe to it, everything’s a bit rough and ready around the edges. I really hope the heart of the movie shines through and really hope it connects with audiences around the world, and kinda hope it hits a bit of a cult following. This is such a unique, special story for Scotland and especially for Dundee. It’s amazing to let a city like Dundee have such a global voice like this.”

Alan McLaughlin



From London – Costume Designer

Katie McDowall

“Dundee is such a lovely city and the people are so friendly, people in the shops chat to you! It’s been one of the best experiences of my life and I’ve worked on many productions before. I’ll miss Dundee, it’s touched my heart.”


Schemers Conor and Tara



From Greenock – Plays Father Vetrianio, the vicar

Jim Sweeney

“The script is hilarious; very, very good, absolutely loaded with humour. The three boys are good; Conor, Grant and Sean; they’ve got that wee glint in their eyes, they can do the job and you couldn’t see the joins. If the stories are told from the street there is no better tale.”

Jim Sweeney and the Schemers Boys



From London – Plays Annabelle, Iron Maiden’s booking secretary

Mellisa De Mol

“Schemers is the only reason I’ve been to Dundee, it’s a beautiful city and I think it’s gonna be a great movie. I’ve worked all over the world on different films of different sizes and Schemers is up there with the best of them.”

Mellisa De Mol on set



From Dundee – Locations Manager

Ed Broughton

“I think everyone in Dundee who watches it will absolutely love it, they’ll tell their friends about it, and it will always have a place in the heart of Dundonians.”


On set with the Schemers



From 1970s punk band The Kravats – Plays Burton, Iron Maiden’s agent

The Shend

“My first instinct was; during the scene I am in, where Connor measures the distance on a map with a battered sausage; and I thought, “that’s just genius”, and it made me laugh and I thought, “yeah, I wanna be in this”, so I’m very proud to be in this movie. I walked into the filming and it felt like a family and that is quite rare, people believe in it, I’ve done so many things and here the energy is amazing! Dundee, enjoy this because this is made for you.”


Schemers Movie



From Glasgow – Plays Dundonian music promoter Andy Lothian

Keith Warwick

“It’s a really good story and the script is magic, I think it’s got a bit of grit aboot it and a bit of bite, and I think that’s really important. It’s got what Dundee is, a bit of honesty about it, it’s got passion about it and thank goodness for that, it’s a great reflection of Dundee. I find myself playing Andy Lothian, the first man to bring The Beatles to Scotland and who coined the phrase “Beatlemania”.”

Keith Warwick with Sean Connor



From Alloa – Editing Director

Khaled Spiewak

“I’d learned, from many people, that “it’s all in the edit”. So, I edited the film as faithful as I could to the original script. What ultimately happened is that we had a fragmented movie with scenes missing but realised there was something cool in there, so I recommended doing some additional reshoots. Alan McLaughlin, the Director of Photography, encouraged me to direct the final reshoots, so that’s what we did, and the rest is now cinematic history, ha ha ha!”

Khaled, Conor and Tara



From Dundee – Plays Fiona

Heather Farmer

“It’s so exciting, it’s an absolute triumph what’s been achieved so far, it’s awesome to be a part of. The script is amazing, the people are amazing and I think it’s gonna really show Dundee in a great light”

The Schemers Girls



From Ireland – Plays Sharon

Hannah Osborne

“I think it’s gonna go really well, it’s got so much youthful energy and excitement, the story is universal and will appeal to anyone and everyone. It’s so beautiful here [in Dundee], you’re very lucky to live here. Dundee’s beautiful, I’m in love, I wanna live here!”

Hannah Osborne



From Edinburgh – Gaffer Grips and Electrics and plays small walk-on part

Stuart Anderson

“It’s been exciting, chaotic and interesting. I think the movie will be quite a lot of fun, a lot of nice little stories in it, an interesting journey. Go and see it and go “oh look there’s a little bit of Dundee!”.”


Tara Lee



From Inverness – Plays enforcer Kenny

Mingus Johnston

“This was my first taste of the beautiful city of Dundee and I’m very happy to have been involved in this fab film. A sterling performance by all and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result.”


The Schemers Boys



From Glasgow – Production Assistant

Caitlin Allen

“This was my first job straight out of university and the thing that struck me was the camaraderie and the people, the crew and the cast; and the people of Dundee made it so easy, so simple and enjoyable, I’ll never forget that!”

Schemers Crew



Lead vocalist from Dundee band The View – Has a cameo role

Kyle Falconer

“Just be reminded Dundee is up there with other great cities, it’s a great place, you’ve got to go away to come back, once you go away you realise how good it is. I’ve lived every place in the world and it’s always great to come back to Dundee.”


Schemers - Tara and Conor



King o’ the Dundee dialect and music/comedy legend – Has a cameo role

Saint Andrew

“It looks like it’s shaping up to be a cross between Reservoir Doags, La-La Land and All Creatures Great and Small – so it’s all good!”

Saint Andrew and Conor Berry


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