Streamline Your Life

We all have too many possessions – things we bought or received that don’t add any value to our lives. Whether they are clothes bought on sale but rarely worn, little used appliances or duplicates of items because “you never know”, this clutter slows us down and prevents us being able to see and use the things that we love but overlook.

Tidying things away to their proper place is one part of decluttering, but it is not all of it. Indeed, if you have watched the hit Netflix series by the Japanese de-cluttering guru, Marie Kondo (right), you will appreciate that it is about stripping your home down to the bare bones and rebuilding it only with the items that make your home life easier or more enjoyable.

Marie KondoSet aside some time to tackle the area of your home that causes you the most irritation, anxiety or guilt. It could be a kitchen cupboard overflowing with lidless plastic containers, a dining table covered with paperwork that prevents you from sitting down to enjoy your meals as a family, or even a corner of your wardrobe full of items you keep because “one day” you will get value for the money you paid for them.

The iconic Scottish designer William Morris stated “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”, while Kondo urges the question of whether something “sparks joy” in considering its value and place in your home. Although said a century apart, both are similar in their knowledge that your home is too precious an environment to be overflowing with things that not only make your life more crowded but which prevent you from appreciating what is important to you.