Schemers Behind the Camera



Schemers behind the camera

We couldn’t celebrate Schemers without talking to the two Scottish cinematic visionaries behind the camera who were absolutely instrumental in the movie’s success…


Alan McGlauglin


From Glasgow

Director of Photography (The magic-eye behind the camera).


“I really hope the heart of the movie shines through and really hope it connects with audiences around the world, and kinda hope it hits a bit of a cult following. There is a genuine honesty to the film and the whole making of it and the characters of it, and the actors are bloody amazing, so I’d love to see it go well beyond the Edinburgh Film Festival. I’d always believed in the story, and, having read the original script, I knew there was always something amazing here. This is such a unique, special story for Scotland and especially for Dundee. It’s amazing to let a city like Dundee have such a global voice like this.”


Khaled Spiewak


From Alloa

Final Editing Director (The eagle-eye in the edit).


“I remember meeting Dave Mclean after the filming of Schemers and he was ready to bin the movie after the original edit, but he sensed there was a film in there, and I’d learned from many people that “it’s all in the edit”. So, after watching the edit, I realised, yeah, there was a film in there but it needed to be drastically reworked, so I re-edited the film as faithful as I could to the original script. What ultimately happened is that we had a fragmented movie with scenes missing but realised there was something cool in there, so I recommended doing some additional reshoots. Alan McLaughlin, the Director of Photography, encouraged me to also grab the opportunity to direct the final reshoots, so that’s what we did and the rest is now history, ha ha ha!”


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