Seeing Red

Emma Stone

Winter is a fantastic time for a makeover, especially if you feel like a change of hair colour. Now is the time to trade summer’s sun-bleached tresses for vibrant, glossy locks. Like red lipstick (more on that later), there is a shade of red to suit everyone.

The key to great red hair is to understand your skin tone. Hold your arm in natural light, palm up so that you can see the veins in your wrist. If your veins look blue and you tend to burn quickly, you have cool tones. If yours appear slightly green and you tan easily, then you have warm tones, and if you can’t tell whether they are blue or green, then your skin tone is neutral.

Christina Hendricks (below-left) is the perfect inspiration for people with cool skin tones who want to go red. Her fiery red hair beautifully highlights the rosy tint in her otherwise porcelain skin. Jessica Chastain and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner are two more examples of cool redheads.

Warm redheads should take inspiration from women like Emma Stone (main picture), Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman; all of whom are natural blondes but have made their red hair, which varies from strawberry blonde to copper, their trademark look.

Christina Hendricks    Isla Fisher

Those with darker skin tones can embrace bold shades like cherry and scarlet, while peach and apricot hues work well with light tones. If your skin tone is neutral, then you have an entire spectrum of reds to play with so try something rosy and metallic. Isla Fisher’s hair colour always looks fantastic (above-right). Using shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair will help to prevent the colour from fading.

Add some punch to your new hair colour with bold red lipstick, choosing a shade and depth of colour that matches your skin tone. Warm shades look coppery, orange or slightly brown, while cool shades of red lipstick have berry, purple or pink tones.