Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Warm

There is no need to spend winter shivering under layers of blankets, or kiss your savings goodbye as you push the thermostat up a degree or two. These cleverly simple tips will help you stay toasty right through until spring.

Start by closing your curtains as soon as the sun drops. Inexpensive fleece blankets are perfect for boosting their insulation properties. Attach one to the back of your curtains using hooks or velcro, and make sure your curtains fit your windows properly and leave no gaps.

Make your central heating more effective with the use of radiator panels. They are easy to install and reflect heat back into the room where you want it, rather than leaving it to escape through the walls (picture below – Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Panels – £34.99 for 10, Amazon). If possible, install a thermostat radiator valve so that you can control the temperature in each room, and use your heating’s timer function so that you are not heating your home unnecessarily.

Remember your granny’s sausage-shaped draught excluder? Take a tip and use them by your doors to stop cold air sneaking in. (picture below – Slate Tartan draught excluder, from £31.99 It is also worth looking at the seals around your windows and external doors. These can be replaced or upgraded with relative ease and a short visit to your closest DIY store.

Hot air rises, so the easiest place for it to escape is through the roof. Adequately insulating your loft will make an enormous difference for minimal cost and effort. While you are at it, check the lagging on your boiler and give it a new winter coat if its current one looks thin. Your energy supplier may offer customers a financial incentive to improve their insulation so phone them to ask.

Finally, when you have finished cooking and turned the oven off, leave the door open so the heat can escape it.