Simple Minds Acoustic Tour – Final Note with Jim Kerr

City Life were delighted to catch up with Jim Kerr after the Simple Minds ‘Acoustic’ world tour…

CL: After all these years, where are you still getting the energy and hunger to tour the world and still keep that distinct Simple Minds sound well and truly alive?

JK: We continue to get the energy and hunger from the same place we always got it from. Basically, ever since the age of sixteen, we’ve not only dreamed about being in a great live band, but more importantly we’ve dedicated ourselves to making that the reality. The challenge of that continues, and far from tiring with it, the drive alone to succeed within that on-going challenge seemingly energises more than ever.

CL: What’s it like working with one of Dundee’s finest; Ged Grimes?

JK: We have worked with many fine and talented musicians. As a result many have helped us become a better band and Ged has certainly done that. However, Ged has an extra influence outwith the music. He is obviously from good people and surrounds himself with good people, resultantly, the way he carries himself, his outlook on life, always wanting to give his best, while always focused on what is truly best. Well, that attitude is contagious, it impresses on all of us. Therefore it is possible to suggest that Ged, a proud Dundonian, has not only made us a better band, but hopefully also better people.

CL: What people or characters have inspired you in your life?

JK: When I was younger, of course I looked up to the kind of characters who achieved things that were previously unimaginable, and usually celebrated for doing so. These days I am much more inspired by every day, hardworking types, the sort that alone manage to successfully have careers, while perhaps also bringing up families. Feeding them, clothing them, educating them, putting a roof over their heads. Maybe juggling between more than one job, looking after their young, and increasingly their elders, while also trying to live healthily and keen to improve themselves. All of that is heroic enough in my view. Those types inspire me.

CL: What words of wisdom do you have for young Scottish musicians or young people in general?

JK: We are all different and therefore we are all attracted to different paths. At a very young age I realised that, while for some the world seemed to end at the end of their street, city or country, the opposite was true for others, and for them the world seemingly began at the end of their street, city or country. I belonged to the latter camp, and it has shaped my life as a result. My words of wisdom if pushed… ‘It’s a big world out there and so much of it is just waiting to be enjoyed by those who are keen on exploring it. So what are you waiting for?’

Simple Minds:

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