Does Your Home Cinema System Need an Upgrade?


Our love affair with television is only getting stronger. Improved technology and falling prices see the average household buying a new television as little as every four years. While screens are getting larger and the picture clearer, the flatter HDTVs have less room for speakers which can mean you have to compromise on sound quality.

If you are considering upgrading your speaker system, here are three of the best to suit any budget.


Bose are renowned for high-quality sound with prices to match. The Lifestyle 650 System (main pic) is, at £3,799, a considerable investment, but the reward is cinema-quality surround sound from five wireless Omnijewel speakers that will fit in with the most stylish decor. As well as working with your TV, the Lifestyle 650 system (pic left) lets you stream music via WiFi or Bluetooth. It is available to buy in both black and white finishes.


Bose Lifestyle 650



For less than £1,000 the Dali Zensor 1 5.1 gives truly impressive sound through five speakers that pick up every nuance the director wants you to hear, including soft sighs and rustling papers, while remaining clear enough not to distort dramatic music or bass. Available in black, white or light walnut finishes, the Zensor has been around since 2015 and it continues to prove itself better than newer rivals in the same price range.


Dali Zensor 1 5.1



Pioneer have been producing good quality speakers at an affordable price for more than sixty years. The S-HS100 does not disappoint. Its square black speakers may not be the most sophisticated design but they are small enough to be neatly tucked away, and produce a sound that seems a lot more expensive than their £149.95 price would suggest.


Pioneer S-HS100


A good projector, such as the BenQ W1070 (£499) will give you the full cinema experience – less the overpriced popcorn – in the comfort of your home.


BenQ W1070