‘The Fourth Bonniest Baby in Dundee’ by Michelle Sloan & Kasia Matyjaszek


Michelle Sloan’s new found love for writing kids’ stories and Kasia Matyjaszek’s brilliant colourful portrayal of Dundee combine to create possibly the bonniest children’s book in Dundee. They take us on a wee real life family journey and assure us all that winning isn’t everything.


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“He didn’t get the winning prize, but he’s a champion in our eyes. The fourth bonniest baby in Dundee!”

City Life caught up with Michelle…

CL – What’s your inspiration?

MS – The idea for Bonnie Baby came about after taking my son to an actual Bonnie Baby competition a few years ago. So often real-life moments are the most fun! Or in fact interesting. My book for older children, The Revenge of Tirpitz was inspired by the last mission to bomb the Nazi warship Tirpitz in Northern Norway. So if an idea grabs me then the story really just writes itself.

CL – What advice can you offer to other Dundee mum’s thinking of pursuing their creative dream?

MS – My advice to others would be to get writing! Enjoy the process and write about what you love or what you’re interested in.