The Eyes Have It


Brown may be the most common eye colour worldwide, but it’s blue that dominates in Scotland, especially in the south-east, where 57 percent of the population have blue eyes. The news that Scots have the highest density of blue eyes follows on the heels of findings which showed our nation also has the largest number of redheads. Also impressive is the high frequency of green eyes which is the rarest eye colour in the world with only 1-2% of the entire human population having green eyes. So why are our eyes so fair and what makes us Scots unique?

Natural Attractive Selection

Brown eyes are the least common in Scotland, with only 22 percent of the population having them. While some predominance of blue and green colouring is explained in the way the Vikings moved around and settled in Scotland; scientists, are at odds to verify why these colours are so popular. One explanation is that blue and green eyes are considered more attractive as they reflect light more than brown eyes, which absorb light waves and can appear flat, so natural selection has led to an increase in blue and green eyes. Whatever the reason, let’s celebrate our abundance of natural beauty.

Accentuate Your Natural Colour

If your eyes are the window to your soul then you don’t want them covered with dirty net curtains. The right choice of makeup and glasses frames will show them to their best advantage.

Blue Eyes

Brown shades, from creamy taupe to rich chocolate, will increase the intensity of blue eyes, especially for redheads. Switch your look from day to night with deep charcoal eyeliner, or add a sweep of sparkling gold or copper shadow for glamour. For glasses frames, blue and grey look especially good with blue eyes, as do brown and tortoiseshell frames.

Green Eyes

People will envy your green eyes when you highlight their hue with eyeshadow. Purple suits those with cool skin tones, while bronze and gold look amazing on people with green eyes and warm tones. Glasses frames in brown and green shades suit people with green eyes, while matt gold looks better than silver and aluminium.

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes have the widest choice of flattering eyeshadow shades because brown contains all the primary colours. Green works particularly well as does navy, especially if you are very fair skinned and find black liner and mascara too dark. Gild your lids with gold shades, or use copper for a similarly uplifting effect that will enhance your natural eye shade and make them shine. Have fun with your glasses and try olive green, muted gold, or metallic sepia.

Whatever your eye colour, tight-lining (lining the underside of the lashline) will instantly give the appearance of fuller lashes and bigger eyes.