Get on Yer Bike this Autumn


Following the incredible thirteen medal haul by Scots at the Rio Olympics and in particular the two cycling gold medals from Callum Skinner and Katie Archibald, there has never been a better time to get fit by getting out on your bike.

Scottish Cycling is not only interested in winning medals. Their other goal is to get more people involved with the sport with their #GiveItAGo campaign which encourages everyone to pedal for fun and fitness.

Road Cycling

Thousands of people around Scotland already regularly ride their bikes. Some use it to save time and money on their daily commute, while others use it to meet up with friends and clear away the cobwebs on the weekend. Cycling Scotland is a national charity tasked with getting people on bikes in a safe and enjoyable way, so if you fancy a ride but haven’t been on two wheels since childhood, follow their handy tips for choosing the right bike.

  1. Try it on for size. Dundee has several excellent bike shops where you can see and sit on bikes before making your choice.
  2. Consider the use. Mountain bikes are perfect for off-road cycling, but can be slow and cumbersome on the road, while narrow and delicate road bikes are only suitable for smooth surfaces. Hybrids are popular for recreational cyclists who like to commute.

    Learn basic maintenance. Keeping your bike in good condition will save you money and make it safer.

  3. Protect your head. Wear a bicycle helmet that fits correctly and which at least meets BSEN1078 standards.

Mountain Biking

Scottish cyclists are spoiled for choice when it comes to mountain bike trails and parks because we have hills, mountains and glens on our doorstep. The newly built skills trail in Templeton Woods is a fantastic local amenity, and there is also good off-road cycling at Balgay Trail, Camperdown Tracks, and Caird Park.

Track Cycling

Chris Hoy is arguably one of the world’s most famous cyclists, he’s certainly the best known Scottish cyclist, and he won his first Scottish Championship title at the outdoor velodrome in Caird Park, Dundee.

Club Cycling

Dundee is home to several cycling clubs including the Dundee Thistle Road Club which has been going since 1930, the Discovery Junior Cycling Club for riders aged 10 to 18, and CTC Tayside which organise twice-monthly social rides of between 30 and 60 miles.

So, what are you waiting for? On yer bike!