Five Reasons to Love Spring Cleaning

Sping Cleaning

With the advent of spring comes the urge to spring clean. For some it’s an annual routine they enjoy, for others it is simply because they have a full house for lunch on Sunday and they can’t bear the way the brighter sunlight shows up any dust or smears. Whatever camp you fall into, here are five reasons to love spring cleaning.

1. Exercise

Unleash your elbow grease and rub out those winter calories with an energetic spring clean. The harder you work, the fitter you will be. An 11 stone person will burn 180 calories washing dirty floors for 30 minutes, and a further 120 for every 30 minutes they vacuum. Cleaning the bathroom – especially the bathtub, shower doors, and tiles – uses 180 calories every 30 minutes, while cleaning windows uses 165 calories.

2. Allergies

Dust mites and dander are two very common causes of allergies, but regularly vacuuming and dusting can keep them at bay. Take advantage of being able to dry things outside to wash your pillows, quilts, and blankets to kill off any mites and eggs. Mould is another common cause of allergies so scrub your kitchen and bathroom surfaces and open your windows to ventilate your house.

3. Mindfulness

‘Sojido’ is the Japanese practice of decluttering and clearing your home in order to declutter and clear your mind. The theory is that a disorganised living space can be stressful, but when everything is where it should be (“a place for everything, and everything in its place”) other areas of your life will start to fall into place.

4. Link to the Past

When you spring clean your home you’re continuing a tradition that is thousands of years old. It has been a Jewish custom to thoroughly clean the home before Passover, which is in early spring. Early Christians adopted the practice, cleaning their home in the week before Easter, however the custom of spring cleaning could simply be due to it finally being warm enough to open the windows and air the house.

5. Satisfaction

Doing something positive, such as spring cleaning, is very satisfying. Simple tasks like bringing order to a cluttered room, cleaning months of grime off your oven, or renewing the grout on your bathroom tiles will have a big impact on the way you see your home. The soothing repetition of cleaning can relieve stress, while the sense of achievement from a job well done will fill you with satisfaction (and possibly relief that a task is no longer hanging over your head).

So, this year instead of sighing at the prospect of spring cleaning, embrace it. It is not a chore, it is a stress-relieving way to a happier and healthier you.