Ollie’s Charity for Prader-Willi Syndrome


City Life recently caught up with Debbie Martin, the one woman passion behind ‘Ollie’s Second Hand Goods Centre’, which is raising funds for a respite centre for Prader-Willi syndrome.

“The inspiration behind the fund raising effort is because of my grandson, Ollie. There is literally nothing available throughout Scotland to help support families with this rare disorder! We are trying to provide and pay for respite care for the children and the parents and ideally we want to have a respite centre. This wee second hand goods fundraising centre is just the start.”

We asked Debbie if she had a message for the Dundee public this Christmas,

“We want you never to throw anything out again, either bring it in or phone us up and we will collect it. Also if you need something affordable then come and buy something at our centre so we can raise the funds for our respite activities.”

“We are going to spend this money on children’s respite and support activities; and also our ‘Christmas Fund a Family’ project, to help support some poorer families with some of the excess goods that we have had donated. If you have nothing to donate, then please come in and buy something.”


Prader-Willi Syndrome – A rare congenital disorder that is characterised by growth abnormalities, learning difficulties, and obsessive eating, caused especially by the absence of certain genes normally present on the copy of chromosome 15 inherited from the father.



Sunday 20th December 10am – 4pm
@ Ollie’s Second Hand Centre