Let Group Fitness Chase Away the Exercise Blues


We all know how important regular exercise is. Not only does it help us to lose or maintain weight, but it also reduces the risk of disease, lowers stress levels, and releases endorphins which make us feel good. Unfortunately for many people the thought of getting back into exercise, after what could possibly be decades of inactivity, is a daunting prospect, or even a terrifying one for some. It’s enough to send them scurrying back to the safety of the sofa and a packet of Jaffa Cakes!

Gyms, in particular, can be very intimidating places, especially for beginners who may be unfamiliar with the equipment or afraid of embarrassing themselves in front of the hardcore gym buffs. This is where ‘group fitness’ is different and why it has been so successful.

So why are group fitness classes more effective for some than training solo? Being part of a team and achieving something together has a strong motivational effect, plus it’s hard to slack off when you’re surrounded by a group of people giving it their all. If you choose the right gym it’s also a supportive environment, with lots of people there to encourage you to keep going. The social aspect adds an element of fun to your workout and can also make you more likely to turn up when you hear that couch calling.

Group classes are the perfect place to learn how to enjoy exercise – not just endure it. They give you the opportunity to bask in some ‘me time’, helping you to switch off and sleep better at night, as well as boosting your energy levels during the day.

Another major benefit of group exercise classes is the extensive variety of activities that are available. You can choose from high intensity classes that challenge the body, such as Insanity; gentle low-impact classes, such as Ladies with Babies, that will help to ease you into exercise; Zumba and other dance classes that focus on fun routines; and calm and relaxing classes, like yoga.

There are also the Les Mills workout classes, such as those run at Freedom Fitness in Dundee. Les Mills programmes are loved worldwide. They offer something for everybody, whatever your fitness level and goals. Choose from martial arts based classes, such as BodyCombat; wellness classes, like BodyBalance; cardio dance inspired classes, such as BodyJam; and BodyPump, a fat burning strength based class where every muscle group is targeted.

These fun and energetic pre-choreographed routines are updated every three months and set to fantastic motivational music that increases your work-rate, enhances your mood, and helps you to get the most out of your experience. It’s as much fun as hitting a nightclub with your friends, only with the added benefits of improved fitness and no hangover!

You can find all these uplifting, invigorating and relaxing classes at Freedom Fitness in Dundee at Mains Loan, opening 5th October.