‘Hubris’ by Saint Andrew and Michael Marra

Saint Andrew

“I put it to you Mister Balbirnie that you did not in fact commit this offence on boxing day eve, ay not? Come on man which gibbers dost thou spout..?”

Wikipedia describes Hubris as ‘extreme pride or self-confidence’. So it is with ‘Dundonian Hubris’ that, here at City Life, we positively review this rare gem of an album. Genius and comedic wit intertwine in Michael Marra and Saint Andrew’s last musical dance together, to deliver a cult classic and definite collector’s item. Musical contributions by characters like ‘Lochee Luciano’ and ‘Wes Kirkton’ add to the local intrigue of this six track album. Who are these characters and what are these songs really about?

This is Nice’, ‘Beh Shinty Live Beh Shinty Deh’ and ‘Cattlebaistquine’ take you into a beautifully different mind-set. There is even a brilliant track for Elvis fanatics, ‘A Secret Commonwealth O’ Elvis Fans’, while ‘Eh Umna Therefore Eh Um’ satisfies the philosophical mind in us all…

“You’re a tube.. No eh umna.. Eh you ur.. Nah um no..

Yev aye ways been a Rubik’s Cube so ye huv..

No eh huvna.. Eh ye huv.. No eh huv na.. Eh ye huv..”

So whether you are an Elvis fan, play shinty or do both, it’s definitely a good time to invest in this unique album.

Hubris should definitely be on your playlist this year. Your life will never be the same again!

Find out more about Saint Andrew online at: www.saintandrew.biz

To find out more about the late Michael Marra visit: www.marra.biz



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