Easy Ways to Pocket £100


One-hundred pounds is a fair amount of money. For £100 you can have a fantastic night out in town, buy a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four (minus alcohol), or kit out your kids for the new school year. If someone were to offer you £100 with no strings attached you’d grab it, wouldn’t you? It must be your lucky day then, because we’re giving you lots of fast ways to save or earn enough for one hundred extra pounds of your own.

Sell Stuff

Selling your unwanted items is one of the easiest ways you can make money. Start by looking around your home for anything that doesn’t get used any more. See that guitar gathering dust? That’s money. What about those CDs you never play now your collection is digital? Money. The shoes you love but can’t wear because they cripple your feet? Your unridden bicycle? Your old university text books? Money, money, money.

eBay is an obvious starting place to sell your items, but you can also try car boot sales, local Facebook sale pages, and sites like Gumtree, MusicMagpie, and WeBuyBooks. If you have shoes and clothing which are not in good enough condition to sell, bag it and take it to a place which buys fabric by weight.

Market Your Skills

Do you have a talent or skill? Fiverr.com lets you market your ability to a worldwide customer base. If you can draw a caricature, make a funny video, or even explain the offside rule in layman’s terms, there’s someone out there willing to pay you for it.

A little more labour intensive but potentially more lucrative is self-publishing an eBook. Amazon has made it incredibly simple for anyone to become a published author. Alternative sites include Booktango, and Lulu. Crafty people can take a stand at a local craft fair, as well as sell their handiwork on websites such as Etsy.

Earn Money Online

Answering surveys is a genuine way of earning money online. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it is easy and flexible so check out legitimate websites like Swagbucks, i-Say, GlobalTestMarket, Crowdology, OnePoll, and MySurvey.

Cashback websites such as Quidco and TopCashBack let you earn money when you shop online (and in stores, in some cases). Some banks, including Santander, also offer cashback to customers when they pay regular bills by direct debit, so check with your bank to find out what benefits you may be elegible for.

Rent Out Your Room

You can earn up to £4,250 a year tax free by opening up your home to a lodger. A quality double room in Dundee can go for around £300 a month (£3,600 p.a.).

Be consistent with your efforts and you’ll soon see your bank balance looking at least £100 healthier.