Time to Take Up a New Sport

Take Up a New Sport

If you started the New Year with a resolution that turned out to be made more of tin than steel, now is the time to revive it, especially if that resolution was to get fit and healthy!

Spring is a time of opportunities and new beginnings and this is never more true than when it comes to improving your health and fitness. We all overindulge through the cold winter months, especially during the festive season. This is often followed by a January gym spree and diet before settling back in our usual routines. Unfortunately if you do the same thing you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results every time. So this year why not kick your resolution into touch with a new sport, like one of these?

Weightlifting is an awesome way to not only build muscle, but to build your confidence. You’ll be surprised how fantastic if feels to know you can pick heavy stuff up with, if not ease, then at least less effort than it used to take. There are several excellent gyms in Dundee which specialise in weight lifting. Sign up for a session with a coach and see how it will benefit you, regardless of your age, gender, or weight.

Remember how fun ice-skating was when you were a kid? Well, it loses none of its appeal as an adult! This low impact sport is gentle on your joints, fantastic for toning wobbly bottoms and thighs, and will give your heart a good workout. Dundee Ice Arena runs adult only classes, or pop along during one of their public skate sessions. Just like riding a bike, you’ll find you haven’t forgotten how to do it, even if it’s been decades since you last laced up your skates.

The benefits of playing netball are numerous, not least the added boost to your social life you’ll get from playing in a team. Short sprints around the court will improve your cardiovascular fitness and agility. Your flexibility and hand eye coordination will also increase. Dundee has several adult netball clubs, including the Dundee Dodgers, who train at Mayfield Sports Centre.

It may not seem like an obvious choice for many people looking for a new sport, but boxing is one you should consider, especially if you want to lose weight. Boxing consists of high intensity interval training, or HIIT – short, sharp bursts of full on effort which shoot your metabolism sky high. You’ll build muscle and lose fat, improve your strength and flexibility, and develop a swagger that comes from knowing that, no matter how annoying your day is, it’s toast once you step into the ring.

Roller derby may predominantly be a female sport, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s for those with a delicate disposition. Fast, furious, and so much fun, roller derby is fantastic for both participants and spectators. Dundee’s local team, the Dundee Roller Girls, is looking for men and women (18+) to give it a whirl and see if they have what it takes to block, jam, and pivot with one of the fastest up and coming teams in Europe.

Finaly we can’t forget the sport that was invented by us Scots – golf. Living in Dundee we are spoilt for choice when it comes to incredible courses suited to all abilities. See our special golf article to find out more.