Get Your Body Ready for Summer

Get your body ready for summer

Shucking off winter’s opaque tights is a scary moment for many women, but warm weather requires skirts, sleeveless tops, and swimsuits. You don’t want to be the one caught out with rough knees and skin so white it would put a washing powder advert to shame. Follow these steps, and in no time at all you’ll look like you’ve just stepped off a Caribbean beach.


Doing right by the inside of your body will have a positive impact on the outside. Start by ensuring you get enough water. Your digestive system needs to be sufficiently hydrated to absorb the nutrients from your food and process waste. Increase your intake of vegetables and fruit, and decrease the amount of processed food you eat. You’ll soon start to see the effects in your skin and energy levels.


Exfoliate your skin either with a professional product, or a handful of white sugar mixed with a little olive oil or coconut oil. Be very careful if doing this in the shower as it can get slippery! Pay special attention to elbows, knees, and ankles, and don’t forget the parts you can’t see, such as the backs of your thighs. After depilating, gently dry your skin and rub in a rich moisturiser.

Fake tanning at home isn’t complicated, but those nervous about doing so should consider one of the body lotions which build up a tan gradually. Applying petroleum jelly to your hairline before tanning your face will prevent a dirty tide-mark effect. Give any patchy areas a once over with a buffing mitt, and allow to dry as long as possible before putting clothes on.


Coconut oil is a fantastic deep conditioning treatment for dry winter hair. Book an appointment for a haircut and talk to your colourist about a lighter, more flattering shade for summer. Deep reds and vivid hues can fade in sunlight, looking washed out. Ecaille is the hottest trend for hair in 2015 – it’s like ombre, but more natural looking and flattering.


Longer days and lighter evenings makes it easier to be active. Exercise will help tone your body, give you energy, and reduce puffiness and bloating by improving your circulation.


Now is a great time to go through your wardrobe and give away, sell, or recycle any clothes you didn’t wear last spring and summer. Wash winter clothing and pack it away safely in vacuum sealed bag, or in a suitcase with a few camphor balls to keep moths at bay. Throw away saggy knickers and treat yourself to some new underwear. Show tatty trainers the door, have any shoes that need it re-heeled, and polish all your leather footwear and bags to revive their colour and protect their condition.

Don’t get taken by surprise! Our summers don’t last long, so make sure you’re ready for it this year.