Creating a Natural Paradise for Your Kids

Child Friendly Gardens

Whether you have an acre or a window box, here are our tips for turning your garden into a natural paradise for your children.


You don’t need an enormous plot of land for your kids to enjoy getting close to nature this spring and summer, as even the tiniest pocket of garden can be cultivated to be a wonderland to give your kids hours of fun.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own fruit and veg is surprisingly easy, either in pots or in the ground. Strawberries, tomatoes, salad leaves, and herbs are all simple to plant and taste delicious. You can attract bees and butterflies with colourful flowers. Lavender is especially good for this and smells beautiful.

Make a Home

Watching birds and insects is an endless source of fascination for many youngsters. A bird table is a simple way to attract feathered friends – just make sure it is not in a place cats or predators can easily access. Suction platforms that attach to windows are fantastic for flats. An alternative is to make an insect stack by piling up recycled objects such as bricks and branches in a shaded spot.

Go Camping

Enjoy all the fun of camping without the long car trip. Tents are dens in the daytime and exciting places to sleep at night – even if you don’t spend all night outside. Swap a campfire for a barbecue then lie back and watch the stars come out. Use sheets and a clothesline if you don’t have a tent, or throw a sheet over a table to create a tent indoors if it’s raining.

Little Girl Camping in the Garden

Obstacle Course

Kids love clambering and swinging. They don’t mind if it’s on a fancy climbing frame or a secure rope tied from a sturdy branch, or even a series of obstacles such as a pop up tunnel, a slalom of cones, or a low wall to use as a balance beam.

Fairy Garden

Young children will be interested to learn it isn’t only flowers and insects that live in the garden, but that fairies inhabit it too. Find a secluded spot under a bush and build a fairy kingdom using recycled containers, leaves, twigs, and pretty stones. They could also build a home or base for their dolls and action figures.

Water Fun

There’s no better way to cool off on a hot day than by playing with water. Set your toddler up with a dish of soapy water for them to wash plastic dishes or dolls’ clothing. Water balloons, paddling pools, and water pistols are also great fun. Sandpits and water are a fantastic mix, especially for young children who are fascinated by the way the water disappears into the sand. It’s just as good as being at the seaside, especially if you dish out ice lollies!

Gardens are perfect for all sorts of fun, so turn your kids loose and let them romp their way through spring and summer outdoors.