Money Saving Tips for Motorists

On the Road

Figures suggest the average family, in Scotland, spends £250 per month on motoring costs but, there are many ways you can reduce your average monthly spend and leave yourself with more cash in your pocket.


Money can be tight after Christmas for many of us, after splurging on expensive Christmas presents, endless nights out and making the most of the January sales. So, as we enter into the new year and Hogmanay is just a distant memory, it’s often the perfect time to tighten your belt and look for ways to reduce your outgoings.


Far and away one of the best tips for saving money on is to pick a car listed in one of the lower insurance groups, such as the Ford Ka or the ever-popular Ford Fiesta. It can be a real chore to shop around but, making the effort can result in some massive savings. These days you don’t even need to spend hours searching the internet or calling insurance companies, you can simply enter your details into one of the many comparison websites and you’ll be provided with a list of makes and models which fall into your personal budget for insurance.

If you’re a younger driver, you could go one step further in the quest to reduce your premiums and get a black box fitted. This ingenious device monitors your driving skills and rewards you with discounts on your insurance premiums if you drive in a safe and responsible manner.

You could also consider adding a higher excess in exchange for lower premiums but, make sure you read the small print and make arrangements to save money to pay for out-of-pocket expenses should the worse happen and you need to make a claim. Lastly, but often most importantly, one of the best ways to continually save money on car insurance is to protect your no claims bonus.

Road Tax

Again, one of our top two tips to save money on your motoring costs is to choose a car which comes with a low road tax bracket. These new classifications are based on the car’s emissions and the type of fuel. Many cars now qualify for zero road tax which can save a tremendous amount of money on your annual motoring costs. Plus, you’ll save even more if you can afford to pay for your road tax up front by purchasing twelve months, instead of six.

What Else Can You Do?

Drive sensibly; driving at high speed uses more petrol, especially if you’re driving erratically and moving up and down the gears. If you’re sat in slow or stationary traffic, switch off your engine until the traffic starts moving again. If your car has air conditioning, you can dramatically reduce fuel costs by switching it off unless you absolutely need it to be on.

Finally, ensure you’re getting the best deal possible at the pump by using online comparison websites to find out which supermarket or garage has the lowest petrol price.