Winter Hair Survival Guide


The winter months are not kind and this is particularly true when it comes to our hair. That is why you need to lavish some extra loving care in the direction of your once luscious locks (or short spikey strands) and wash winter right out of your hair.

Let’s start with the basics and shampoo. The extreme cold that we experience in the winter months not only leaves our skin feeling dry but it can also have that effect on our hair and scalp too. When moisture is lost, whether it be from our skin or our hair, the dry effect is the result and it is this moisture we need to replace. But how do we do that when shampooing? Firstly, keep the water at a comfortable temperature – not to hot, not to cold – and cut back on the amount of shampoo you use. If you are lucky and don’t have to wash your hair every day why not try and leave another day between washes to ensure you limit the loss of moisture.

Next comes conditioner and no one should be washing their hair without finishing it off with a good conditioning session. This prevents unnecessary hair breakage and leaves hair looking and feeling healthy and in good condition. It is best not to apply conditioner to the roots of the hair as this can make it look greasy and that is not the look you are going for.

Now it’s time for that extra TLC in the shape of a hot oil treatment. This does not need to be done more than once or twice a week and once you’ve started you won’t be able to stop. Hot oil treatments not only replace moisture that has been lost but restores shine to dull and lacklustre locks and works towards repairing any damaged strands. It is not just in the winter months that a hot oil treatment is a must. For those who have an affinity to hair straighteners and blow-drying on a very regular basis, using hot oil treatments will combat the effects these hair appliances can have on your hair.

That leads nicely on to the hairdryer and where possible to avoid using it too much. Remember your hair is already drying out because of the cold winter winds and it does not need that added to by the heat from your hairdryer. If you can, let your hair dry naturally or, at least, wait as long as possible before blasting it with the hair dryer. Try and turn the notch down to a lower temperature or if you have the time use the cool option. It will be worth the extra time it takes.

Finally, when venturing outside, protect your tresses from the winter elements with some appropriate head wear. Selecting the right hat could be the difference between the hair you left home with and the hair you had before you started taking better care of it. Choose a hat that allows the blood to flow freely around your head but keeps those luscious locks out of the cold. It might be heading towards the zeros outside but don’t let that get in the way of how healthy hair can make you look and feel.