Granny Fitzsimons’ Warming Winter Soup

Granny Fitzsimmons' Winter Soup

Keep the winter cold at bay with this traditional homemade soup recipe, handed down through the generations by one of the City Life team’s very own granny. Made with succulent smoked ham ribs, wholesome split peas, carrots and a spicy twist; your winters will never be the same again!


Dark Island Stout

Serves 10+ people


You will need:

Approximately 10 large carrots
500g split peas
Rack of lightly smoked ham ribs
1 tbsp salt
Large pot
Dried chillies (optional)
Bottle of chilled dark stout



Soak the peas in warm water for a few hours and drain.

Peel carrots and top off the ends (remember to put the waste in the garden compost bin).

Grate carrots by hand (this should help to keep you warm too!).

Cut up the rack of smoked ham ribs into individual pieces (be careful and watch those fingers!).

Put the softened peas into the pot and cover with water by a couple of inches. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat and simmer for approximately 40 minutes, occasionally mashing the peas. Top up the water as necessary.

Add the grated carrots, salt, ribs and enough water to cover.

Continue to stir and simmer on the lowest heat until cooked through (approximately 30 minutes).

Drink a glass of dark stout, you deserve it!

When ready serve the soup with fresh crusty bread spread with Scottish lightly salted butter.

For some extra warmth add a sprinkle of dried chilli. Finally, pour yourself another glass of dark stout and enjoy!