The Modern Day Wedding List


Once the source of newlyweds’ toasters, kettles and cutlery; the modern wedding list is more likely to include tattoos or possibly even marriage counselling sessions.


If you’ve lived together for years and have everything you need, you might not know what to ask for on your wedding list. A blossoming trend over recent years has been to request a financial contribution to a honeymoon fund. Especially as many couples can’t afford to fund one out of their own pockets after the expense of putting on their big day (the average cost of a UK wedding now exceeding £20,000). Well a growing number of couples are now using a similar approach to crowd-fund more than just a trip to the Maldives.

Using crowd-funding wedding gift websites couples have been requesting increasingly unusual presents. Some have chosen blind honeymoons where all details of the trip are chosen by the guests and kept as a surprise until the day while others have asked for campervans for which the guests can choose from individual components such as a steering wheel or a wing mirror. But it doesn’t just stop at ways to get away on a romantic break. Other requests have included four-poster beds, works of art, money to pay for a bride’s visa extension, a joint tattoo to commemorate the day, and one rather pessimistic pair have even asked their guests to pay towards marriage counselling sessions!

However, it doesn’t all necessarily have to be about personal gain. Some couples are in fact opting to use their wedding as a way to give something back to the world by asking for charitable donations. Many charities are now offering wedding donation services, such as Cancer Research, ActionAid and the NSPCC. The Oxfam Unwrapped wedding list allows guests to choose from ‘gifts’ including safe drinking water for ten people for just £9. For more information visit: